Invited Talks

2021 “Black Families in Civil War Philadelphia,” The Virginia Center for Civil War Studies, hosted by Paul Quigley, April 22.

2021 “Wartime Disunion: Battles to Keep Northern African American Families Together during the Civil War Era,” University of Lynchburg, Virginia sponsored by John M. Turner Distinguished Chair in the Humanities, February 18.

2019 “Tantamount To War: The Antebellum Lives of United States Colored Troops,” Alabama State University sponsored by the Westhauser Lecture Series, Montgomery, April 2.

2018 “Limited American Citizenship during World 1 and World War 2,” Hope CommUnity Center sponsored by the College and Career Access Program, Apopka, Florida, July 18.

2017 “Men of Color! To Arms! Race, Gender, and Citizenship during the Civil War Era,” Lunchtime Lecture sponsored by the Charles G. Summersell Chair of Southern History, University of Alabama, October 17.

2016 “Northern African American manhood during the Civil War Era,” California State University, East Bay, November 15.

2016 “African American Manhood in the Civil War,” Emerging Scholars Series at the Center for the Study of Slavery & Justice, Brown University, October 17.

2016 “Redefining American Citizenship and Manhood: Black Civil War Military Service,” Smithsonian National Museum of American History’s “Tuesday Colloquia,” June 14.

2016 “Archival Research Fundamentals,” Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, March 27 .

2016 “Race, Masculinity, and Citizenship: A Dialogue on the American Civil War,” Centre for Research in Race and Rights, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, March 16.

2016 “Lincoln, African Americans, and the Union Army,” University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, March 16.

2016 “Redefining Citizenship and Manhood: Black Civil War Soldiers and Pensions,” Centre for the Study of International Slavery, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, March 10.

2007 “The Failed Dreams of African American Soldiers after the Civil War,” Purdue University, July 21.

2019 “Race, Gender, and War: A Symposium on Military Service in 19th & 20th Century America,” University of Alabama, March 22. (Citizenship & Military Service panel)

Papers Presented
2021 “The Fractured Home Front: An Economic War on African American Families in the Civil War Era,” Society of Civil War Historians Annual Conference, Raleigh, North Carolina. June 17.

2020 “The Families’ Cause: The Struggles of USCT Kin,” “Black Veterans Matter: The Long March Home” Virtual Conference. University of Central Florida. November 17.

2019 “Reframing the Importance of Northern African American Women in the Antebellum Era,” Southern Historical Association Annual Conference, Louisville, Kentucky. November 8.

2018 “The Wartime Activism of African American Women During the Civil War Era,” British American Nineteenth Century History Annual Conference, Cambridge, England, October 6.

2018 “Women of Color! To Arms!: The Absence of African American Women in Black Military Service Rhetoric,” Organization of American Historians’ Annual Conference, Sacramento, California, April 14.

2016 “African American Manhood and Civil War Pensions,” Social History Society’s Annual Conference, Lancaster, United Kingdom, March 21.

2012 “Opportunity Out of Apprehension: New York’s Black Regiments during the Civil War,” Missouri Conference on History, Columbia, MO March 26.

2021 “USCT Soldiers and Their Families Battle to Survive,” University of Virginia sponsored by Nau Center Signature Conference, April 14.

2020 “The Future of the Past: A Roundtable on History and Higher Education” Georgia Association of Historians. Augusta University. February 7.

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