2021 “How Black Women Fought for Civil War Pensions and Benefits,” interviewed by Becky Little (The History Channel) November 16.

2021    “African-American Families and the Civil War” interviewed by Alexander Churchill and Zach White (History Hack) September 24.

2021    “Ballot Blocked Episode 1: Service, Sacrifice, and Citizenship,” interviewed by Eleanor Mahoney (for the National Park Services). June 23.

2021    “Set to Mark ‘Union Spy,’ Virginia Combats Self-Made Myths: interviewed by Connor Scribner (for Virginia Public Media, an NPR affiliate). May 20.

2021 “The History of Northern African American families during the Civil War,” interviewed by Janika Carey (for WFXRTV News in Lynchburg, VA). February 15.

2020 “USCT Veterans and Their Kin,” Coffee and Hardtack, hosted by Jennifer Edington and Doug Dammann (at the Civil War Museum). November 16.

2020 “The Families Civil War,” The Rogue Historian, hosted by Keith Harris. November 15.

“U.S. Grant History Chat,” hosted by Nick Sacco (National Parks Services), on August 18, 2020.

2020 “Their Stories: Remembering Stories of Suffrage Beyond the 19th,” The Podcast hosted by Sylvea Hollis (at the National Park Services). June 25.

“Ranger Chat on Reconstruction,” hosted by Chris Barr (National Park Services), on June 1, 2020.

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