Dr. Holly A. Pinheiro, Jr.

I am an Assistant Professor of African American History in the Department of History at Furman University. My research focuses on the intersectionality of race, gender, and class in the military from 1850 through the 1930s. Counter to the national narrative which championed the patriotic manhood of soldiering from the Civil War through the 1930s, my research reveals that African American veterans and their families’ military experience were much more fraught. Economic and social instability introduced by military service resonated for years and even generations after soldiers left the battlefield. I have published articles in edited volumes and academic journals, in and outside of the United States. My manuscript, The Families’ Civil War, is under contract with The University of Georgia Press in the UnCivil Wars Series. The study highlights how racism, within and outside of military service, impacted the bodies, economies, family structures, and social spaces of African Americans long after the war ended.

Racial and Social Justice Project

Previously (at Augusta University), I took an unofficial role as a fundraiser at my institution that is focusing on providing scholarships and financial support for textbooks that focus on under-represented and historically marginalized students. This was due to lengthy conversations that I have had with various individuals, domestically and internationally, that not only believe but have given their resources and time to this endeavor. I raised over $30,000 towards multiple scholarships, including establishing an endowed scholarship. It was my hope to establish a research center that provides opportunities for students, academics, and community members to work together towards scholarly initiatives focused on various racial and social justice issues

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